Filters & Multiplexers

Mobile Filters, Multiplexers, Duplexers & More

The range of mobile filters, multiplexers and duplexers offered by Wallen Antennae complement our range of covert antennas, operating in a wide range of frequencies from <25mhz up to>3GHz including domestic radio where required.

Whether using a number of antennas through one multiplexer into a single unit, a multi band antenna distributing through a multiplexer, splitting multiple radios into one antenna (or vice versa), or just about any combining requirement, our filters offer a combination of low line loss with high segmental isolation enabling complexity of application.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding our bespoke design and development services for all of your custom requirements.

Filters and multiplexers are complex if you want the best performance. Please call us and we will recommend or innovate to your needs.

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