The Engineering of our Covert Antenna Systems for Police, Military, Security & Emergency Services

Our engineers being skilled in both mechanics and electronics are essential for an operation such as ours.

We have a rich inventory of electronics and mechanical engineering apparatus enabling us to perform diverse functions on a daily basis. There is virtually nothing we can buy ‘off the shelf’ to create and assemble our products so our world is one of autonomous supply and demand.


Our combination of skills, resources and diversity make us one of the best-equipped companies in the signal handling industry and ensures we stand out above all others.

Covert antenna requirements are changing on a daily basis, so it is impossible to provide a catalogue. Our system is simpleā€¦ tell us what you want and we will quote and supply. We will always provide free technical advice and support. Because of our bespoke approach to your needs, it is important for us to have our own engineering department, enabling us to manufacture components which would otherwise be unavailable off the shelf. This way we can also select the best conductor and insulation materials for optimum performance.

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