Covert Mobile and Body Worn Antennas

Wallen Antennae has been trading since 1981 and is the only antenna manufacturer to have won the coveted British Design Award. Our covert antenna division specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative covert antennas which can also be partially or fully concealed, including body worn and stealth vehicle antennas.

We design our covert range of antennas to be suitable for use by police, military, security forces and border control. As always with Wallen antennas and ancillary products, we strive for excellence by using top quality materials, parts and experienced engineers. This is why our covert antennas are not only sought after throughout the UK, but the rest of the world too.

Vehiclular covert antennas and body worn antenna solutions

We manufacture high quality low profile and covert antennas for vehicular systems including motorcycles, covering all appropriate frequency bands for voice, data and in fact just about all radio communications systems utilised in specialised covert and overt operation – including multi frequency types for dual, tri, quad band and beyond, also for high power usage where required.

Our stealth antennas and multiplexers are at the edges of engineering science boundaries.

Our filter systems complement our superb covert antenna range, and with minimal loss offer multiplexing capability covering many bands even including domestic radio. We also manufacture an extensive range of switch mode DC-DC voltage converters.

We design and develop low profile vehicle and body worn antennas that meet your requirements. To find your best solution. Contact Us.

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